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History of Waterville Community Elementary School
Waterville Community Elementary School is one of eleven elementary schools in the Bradley County Schools District.  Named for the Waterville spring found in  the area, staff members affectionately refer to the school as WH2O.  Located in the southern part of Bradley County, on Dalton Pike, Waterville has been an integral piece of this community for generations.  Waterville School was founded in the late 1800's.  In 1952, Waterville had 4 classrooms and 150 students.  In 2001, Waterville Elementary School and Trewhitt Elementary School combined in a new building to form what is now Waterville Community Elementary School.  Today, Waterville Community Elementary School (WCES) is home to 28 classrooms, 3 CDC classrooms, 1 PreK CDC, and 2 Pre-K classrooms totaling over 600 students.  Here at WCES, students experience STEM integrated curriculum where there is a focus on becoming life-long learners as productive citizens in the 21st century.  We are a Tennessee STEM designated school.